Karuna Reiki Healing

What is Karuna Reiki Healing? 

Karuna Reiki is known as an evolved form of Usui Reiki. The word karuna is derived from Sanskrit that means “compassionate action”. In ancient Buddhist transcripts, it is mentioned that with the combination of (Karuna) compassion and wisdom (prajna), right effects can be created to enhance spiritual levels of a person. It was developed by William Rand.

Karuna Reiki is considered as an advanced form of Reiki that can be used by only Reiki Masters. It is believed that to access its new healing tools and full benefits, one must be completely ready as a Reiki master. This means that your energies are already cleaned and balanced. Only those who received Reiki treatments are believed to get benefit from Karuna Reiki as with already cleaned and balanced energies, it is easier to access higher spiritual potentials available.

How Karuna Reiki works and it’s benefits?

Karuna Reiki Healing energies are said to be relatively stronger and more influential as compared to normal Reiki. These stronger energies can be used to heal wider set of difficulties that are more complex in nature. The experience of energy transfer is also different from normal Reiki. The energy does not transfer from the body and arms of the Reiki practitioner, but it surrounds the whole body and can cover the practitioner from outside when transferring to the recipient.

Karuna Reiki awakens the energy that helps us in awakening Universal compassion. Many people in this world are compassionate to people around them, but find it hard to have compassion for their own selves. In spiritual awakening, this is considered as an obstacle in spiritual healing and our unity with Divine. Karuna Reiki can help Reiki Masters to self heal their complex and deep thoughts including less loving thoughts for them, self criticism, judgments about them and what they think of themselves. Karuna healing can help people in gaining higher self esteem. It helps people look at the world from the eyes of a Divine, with more compassion.

Karuna Reiki deals with the more powerful transpersonal chakras that are activated by practicing it. These transpersonal chakras allow our body to integrate with the higher frequency energy waves that revolve around us in this Universe. You fully activate the powerful transpersonal chakras that enhance your transpersonal energy system.